The tool that determines the fertility of a farmland and forecasts the best crop to be grown on it for maximum yield and profit.

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What exactly is Fertilo

As a young kid growing up I always visit my mom’s hometown atleast once in a year ,and whenever I get home, I join my relatives in cultivating the land.

We were always faced with a problem,which is “the inability to determine best crop to be planted on a particular farmland for maximum yield and profit”.As i grew older i discovered this was a problem faced by several other farmers across the globe.

This propelled me to find out a lasting solution to this problem,which i’m introducing to you today.

Fertilo is a tool that helps you determine the best crop to plant on a farmland for maximum yield and profit.

How It Works

Scan the page

Open up the app and scan the selected land. Then wait for 3 minutes for our AI system to produce the results.

Get your analysis

The results of your scan will be displayed and detailed analysis of the land will be displayed. Data such as the type os soil,mineral composition, water level and composition and so on.

Get Recommendations

After Analysis of the farmland, our super intelligent AI system will recommend best suited crops to be cultivated on that farmland for the maximum yield and profits. You will have to choose your desired crop out of the availabel options.

Get forecast

Our AI system has been fed with millions of data points that makes it possible to match corresponding data from hte results of the scan forecasts of yeild and profit from the selected crop









What people are saying

" I can’t wait to get a tool like this.I have always found it hard to predict the yeild of my crop. "

Cindy S

" The fact that i will know the best crop to plant on my farmland is what i can’t wait to have. "

Mark E

" With this app i believe i will not waste my time planting crops that will not yield maximum profits. "

Kachino A

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